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Steve_Painting_El Cuyo.jpeg

I love to travel.

And to paint.

And I'm happiest when doing both at the same time.

Drawing_Art Bag.jpeg

I no longer need to visit every sight in a new destination;
better so see just one place very well.

I love to linger for a couple of hours in a shady spot with a beautiful view. (Preferably, with beverage service and a bathroom.)


My favorite vacation photos are of my drawings,
framed by the scene I had become acquainted with.

Oil_IM_Coast_En Plein Air Pro.jpeg

I'm in thrall with painting in beautiful places.

Plein air landscapes, with composition and color informed by changing light and shadow, sounds and smells, and an occasional insect  or grain of sand.


​As my skills and confidence have improved, I have begun to work in larger formats in the studio, based on travel drawings and digital photos. 

I live and work in the city of Mérida, México.

* *

Painting as prayer.


Special thanks to:


 Casa de los Artistas. Workshops I've participated in at "the Casa" over the years have been invaluable to my development as a painter.

John Macdonald. An exquisite painter, his workshops and videos have shaped the way I translate the world into tone, color and shape. 

 Merida in 5 Days  Artists Randezvous. An annual plein air painting event held in Dzoyaxché, Yucatan. Carolina is a great hostess!

Richard Caemmerer and the Grünewald Guild. Richard was my mentor. He opened my imagination to the world of art. He and his wife Liz founded the Guild as a place to explore the relationships between art + community + faith.

Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff.  His book  The Greek House: the story of a painter's love affair with the island of Sifnos was an inspiration when I was beginning my journey as a painter.

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